Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are used to shape metal parts by milling, boring, cutting, drilling, and grinding. A CNC machine generally consists of a computer-controlled servo-amplifier, servo-motors, spindle motor, and various tooling. The machine can be programmed to shape a part by use of a front control panel. More sophisticated models allow a computer-aided design drawing to be uploaded to the machine. The electronic components within a CNC machine are particularly sensitive to the grounding techniques and regulated power supply to avoid any production downtime, product loss, and expensive repair bills result.
Green Dot products are able to filter harmonics on the mains incomer. Harmonic distortion is on the increase and can lead to random failures of electronic equipment particularly computers. Finally, a recommended powering and grounding practice is presented to help eliminate power quality related operating problems with CNC machines while maintaining the safety requirements of electrical codes.


Like most hotels the electrical load consists mainly of air-conditioning and lighting, the type of equipments which are sensitive to the power quality issues. All electrical equipment has an optimum voltage at which it works best. A Green Dot supply system delivers that optimum and reduces the strain on your electrical equipment, leaving it to work more reliably and for longer. This translates to reduced maintenance.

The Benefits:

Better quality power supply

Some things you may have accepted for years, but product faults can turn out to be caused by a poor quality power supply. For instance, the life of incandescent light bulbs is almost doubled when the supply voltage is optimized. Now imagine that in relation to an IT network or an expensive piece of manufacturing equipment.


Selecting electrical equipment like voltage regulators, transformers etc is very essential for proper functioning and longer life of your machines which are costly and whose performance and working is important to your business. Without proper power an electrical device may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all. There are many reasons why power quality is of poor quality, it could be due to distribution network faults, system switching, weather and environmental conditions, heavy plant and equipment or simply faulty hardware. Regardless of the cause of the problem the resulting power quality will be of concern. Green Dot\\\'s products are state-of-the-art power quality system designed to protect electrical equipment from surges and transient voltages within commercial, industrial or residential properties. The technology behind the product allows them to deliver results beyond transient voltage surge suppression. Our systems improve energy efficiency, extend life of equipment and provide savings that reap a healthy return on investment. With several product models available, each system is individually designed for the customer or business.