Green Dot - established in the year 1979 – as the venture of Technocrats (B.Sc. Engg. Electrical – 1963 ; M.B.A ( FMS Delhi ) ) with the present 37 Years experience in the line / & a brilliant BE from DCE & MBA from IIM Calcutta . – 8 Years Industry & IT Experience.. Green Dot electric Limited is an extension from the same management – growing to meet larger market demands.

The works span an area of 60,000 Sq. Ft. in SAHIBABAD UP – adjoining Delhi & is one of the largest manufacturers in Variable transformers in India, we are exporting about 40 % of our production to Australia, Malaysia & Bangla desh for last 15 Years regularly.

41 Years of Setting Standards in Voltage Control Equipment.
This is the legacy of Stability & Trust And a future full of Promise.

Green Dot– now 33 years old , is an ISO 9001 Unit, further enters into next year with new enthusiasm – leaving a trail of impression of a leader in the field – with every one it has interacted – be an existing Customer, new acquaintance, or even the competitor.

Built on a solid bedrock of sustained profitable growth & teamwork, we have been racing past our own benchmark of performance year after year. Even surpassing international standards in certain key parameters Today – we take pride in being a Power Conditioning Venture – with unique record of achievement after achievement every year right from inception in 1979. That is the saga of our long journey towards vision of evolving into most preferred Voltage stabilizer manufacturer with Global Vision.

The company has works & associated units in Delhi & Sahibabad. The work force in the group exceeds 150 Nos. & total works area of 60,000 Sq. Ft. Our main products are-

  • Variable Transformers is from 2A to 1600 Amps.
  • Servo stabilizers upto 2000 KVA. We excel in Micro controller based Servo stabilizers and remote controlled Variable Transformers with Digital Displays.
  • Voltage regulators – Step type
  • Toroidal Transformers
  • Transformers – Shell type & Core Type
  • Control Transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Isolatical output Variable Transfromers

The Company has been on the forefront in producing only the QUALITY PRODUCTS and has developed exclusive manufacturing processes, techniques and state of Engineering Art. The highly motivated and committed work force, of Engineers & Technicians in planning, design, manufacturing, & R & D is the biggest asset – that the company has been able to achieve.

All the components are tooled up with specially developed tools for the Pressure Die Cast and Compression Thermosetting Mouldings. The Super Grinding Technique of the winding and Electro Deposition Process on the track are the exclusive processes – that have added invaluable QUALITY & Life to this critical product. The products are constantly being upgraded. The Company, today boasts of being the producer of Best Quality in the line. 

With the use of Best of Raw Materials - the strict Quality Control is employed from Raw Materials to the end processes and whole production process is monitored by modern Testing Methods. The Surge Comparison Test on the coils and set of 9 Data Loggers – provide inside strength to the quality Control of the product.  The Company maintains well equipped Laboratories for Type and Routine tests for all National & International Standards.

With strong base built up in the country, the Company has been Exporting about 40-50 % of its production for the last 15 years regularly to advanced countries and “Green Dot” brand in Servo Voltage Stabilisers and the Variable Transformers – today is synonymous with Quality Transformers from India.

The products are the choice of all major OEM users and Test Laboratories and Institutions in the country and the Company is almost the largest manufacturer in the line of Variable Transformers. We have almost fed the whole Servo Voltage stabilizer industry with our Variable Transformers in the past 20 Years – the Variable transformer being a comparatively high Technology product (involving manufacture of Toroidal transformers on special Toroidal Winding Machines – and most of the other Servo Voltage stabilizer manufacturers out source this product). The Micro Controller Based Servo Stabiliser is virtually a pride product of the company developed after years of dedicated effort and is highly consumer friendly..

Our Strength lies in the quality of our products in manufacturing and no other manufacturing unit in the line has got as wide manufacturing base as we have got.  

The Stabilisers upto 2000 KVAS have been working with professional organizations for the last few years. Its strength and predominance presence in Stabilisers is in places where accuracy,, reliability & safety is of utmost requirement. We – to our credit carry – repeat performance record, from Commercial set ups, Hotels, Buildings, Factories, Hospitals, Printing presses, Lifts, we have repeated supplies to Customers over the years after he has made one purchase from us at any time.Our units are easy to maintain and service over the years of usage and are having consumer friendly displays – with Digital Read Outs.

The Company has own R & D set up and is always venturing to develop improvements in the state of Art of the Stabilisers. It has given substantial lead and direction to the industry in this line.

The Company adopts Standard Methods of Testing for Type & Routine Tests as per IS-9815 for Servo stabilizers and IS:5132 for Variable Transformers and is fully equipped with all testing equipment. Its products of sizes upto 1250 KVAs for Servo stabilizers and 1000 Amps. Variable transformers have been type tested – as IS- 9815 & IS 5142 at approved labs.

Our latest introduction of MICRO CONTROLLER BASED UNITS are a gift to the users – who have given us overwhelming response and encouragement in our efforts to provide quality stabilizers in the line. For each phase unit – the unit reads In voltage, Out Voltage and Out Current( LOAD). – on Digital Readouts and all parameters of protections are built into the units for ultimate safety.


  • We maintain full fledged Service Department to look after AFTER SALES SERVICE – through our “ GD’s POWER CARE TEAM” After Warranty Period the maintenance is looked after by AMC.
  • Service Call Attendance is 4 Hours during for call received during Office hours & 12 hours for calls received during non- Working hours.